Basic Information About The Aptitude Test for Firefighters

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Basic Information About The Aptitude Test for Firefighters

If you want to become a firefighter, you have to pass the aptitude test for firefighters. Here is some information that can help you to become familiar with the test format and sections covered. The written test for firefighters actually consists of 120-150 questions from a variety of subjects. The exam duration may vary between 2 and 2.5 hours depending on the districts. The aptitude test for firefighters come in a multiple-choice format. The test may also include true or false questions. The test assesses candidates in an extensive range of skills that are basically required for firefighter positions, including accuracy, speed and cognitive skills. 

The test does not intend a person to study separately for it. The fundamentals of English, High school Mathematics and personal experiences are more than enough to pass the test. If you feel like you need any improvement in certain areas, you can practice reading various articles and review mathematical computations.

Most of the times, aptitude test for firefighters contains questions from the following sections:

Reading Comprehension

This section comes with some passages, you have to read, understand them and answer the questions with multiple-choice. In most cases, passages will be about fire scenarios. It will help to assess how far the candidate understands the concept and draw the main idea.Spatial Orientation In this section, you will get questions that test your ability to visualize and navigate with the help of maps, floor pans and illustrations. This is very important for firefighters since it helps them act smart during emergencies. Fast and accurate action plans provide the best possible results in emergency situations.

Observation and Memory
This segment consists of maps, passages and diagrams. You have to study them in a pre-set amount of time. Later on, you have to answer the multiple-choice questions from your memory. Good memory power is very crucial for a firefighter since he has to observe and remember various details of sounds and sights in their work.Mechanical reasoningThis part of test assesses a candidate's ability to identify firefighter tools and equipment and its functions. It is necessary to use these tools in the everyday routine of a firefighter. Hence, a basic understanding about these tools is important for firefighters.MathematicsIt contains some basic math problems and numbers. You don't need to prepare for this section specially. You can just refresh your high school mathematics, including algebra and geometry if required. Firefighters have to use basic maths formulas in their everyday work, such as which length of hose to be used to fight with the fire.Verbal Expression

This section contains questions that test your basic grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.If you want to prepare for aptitude tests for firefighters, you can take some sample online tests. This will get you a better understanding about the test.


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